• Marriage Proposal For Boys - Matrimonial Website

    Marriage Proposal for Boys   Girls and Boys Marriage in Pakistan is a legitimate union between a man and a woman. Socially, it is not just a connection between the couple, but also an association between their particular families. When you find the opportunity to meet that special boy for Marriage, all of your diligent work will be worth it and you will get the lifetime of happiness. In more

  • Pakistani Marriage Bureau in Georgia

    Pakistani Marriage Bureau in Georgia Our Marriage Bureau service in Georgia arranges introductions between Muslim and Pakistani individuals who want to get married in GA state. They also help to plan arrange marriages for Pakistanis and Indians in Georgia State of USA. Our database is growing everyday. Now you can find Pakistani marriage bureau in other countries as well i.e. USA more

  • Rishta Service

    Rishta Service Marriage is a very important decision in a person’s life, getting a good marriage proposal is every one’s dream and upmost wish. These days as technology evolves and we get more and more linked online, this means that online portals which provide services related to matrimonial and marriage have become quite popular with people, especially those living abroad. more

  • Importance of Marriage in Islam

    Marriage has a lot of importance in Islam and is the Sunnah of our beloved prophet S.A.W. Due to the four provinces of Pakistan every province has its own wedding traditions and norms; however, the basic ideology and rituals of marriage laid in Islam stay the same throughout the country. The Right Time of Marriage The parents start looking for proposals for their children, especially girls more

  • Factors to Consider for a Boy when Reviewing a Girl's Proposal

    The matrimonial sites have made it easy for both boys and girls to find the person they wish to spend life with based on their interests etc.  Though everyone has a different concept of their future wife and husband in mind, but the certain factors that a boy needs to look for when reviewing a girl proposal are as under: Most of the men prefer to marry women based on their beauty, status more

  • The Role that Matrimonial Sites are playing in Our Society

    Matrimony in Pakistan is an occasion which has a special place in the hearts of people. Arrange marriages are a common norm among the people of Pakistan. The process of arranging a marriage starts from searching the suitable Muslim girls for marriage and grooms from different sources. Usually the parents of the bride and groom to be ask around among their friends and relatives to locate the more