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Why You Need To Choose GetRishta Pakistan Matrimonial Site To Find Your Perfect Match?

Why You Need To Choose GetRishta Pakistan Matrimonial Site To Find Your Perfect Match?

Why You Need To Choose GetRishta Pakistan Matrimonial Site To Find Your Perfect Match?

Let's talk about the methods we commonly use to find matches. We will also discuss the pros and cons of these traditional Rishta finding methods and how GetRishta a Pakistan matrimonial site can help you find a better match.

Rishta In Relatives Or Family Friends

If you go down this road, most marriages that happen this way often turn into marriages of convenience. We can choose from all the available options. Present in the family Rishtay may not be your ideal choice, but the only reason to marry him is because you already know him. The main disadvantage of this type of marriage is that compatibility is not seen as a key measure. Couples can see each other's compatibility after getting married which is too late. If they can't find compatibility, the only options they have at this point are to compromise for their lives or go through the painful breakup process. This is a strong reason why comfortable marriages are unlikely to lead to happy marriages.

Rishta - Matchmaker

Aunt Rishta has become perhaps one of the most popular options for finding a suitable Rishta in Pakistan . According to friends and family, most Rishtays in Pakistan are performed by Rishta aunts. Honestly, they have an incentive to collect as many Rishtas as possible to earn a decent living , so instead of doing their job honestly, they use them to exploit people for their personal gain. Oftentimes, they don't show you all the matching Rishta profiles they have in order to earn more money they expect from the other side, or they are not honest about what they know exactly.

Not only! Due to their own legitimate interests, they hide many vital facts from both parties in order to secure large sums of money to be charged for Rishta services.

Marriage Announcements In The Newspaper

As we all understand, finding a suitable Rishta is a hectic process. Those who cannot trust their friends, family or Aunt Rishta choose another possible path. You advertise your marriage in the newspaper. This route also has many problems. The most common problem is space limitation. You can't write everything necessary, including contact information, on a few lines. Therefore, this way is also not as effective when it comes to finding suitable matches.

Barter Marriage; Watt Satta

Marriage or Watta swap Satta is a form of marriage that is more common in Pakistan's rural communities but is not entirely absent in significant cities as well. The tradition includes the simultaneous betrothal of Rishta of a brother-sister couple from two households . People run after such rishtas , if you marry our daughter to your son, we will marry your son too. To understand the practice, it is necessary to marvel at the enthusiasm of parents, primarily fathers, who often force their sons and daughters into these Watta-Satta marriages. They often believe that these marriages preserve the innate reciprocity that allows a father to oversee his daughter's well-being by directly relating the well-being of his son-in-law to the well-being of his sister.

These types of rishtas have a genuine problem that if one married couple is happy and the other is in trouble, the happy couple is having trouble because of the other unhappy couple.

That's why Watta-Satta's trend is falling fast. Still, there is still a long way to go! Considering these issues, GetRishta a Pakistan matrimonial site offers best match making service without any hassle.