Factors to Consider for a Boy when Reviewing a Girl's Proposal


The matrimonial sites have made it easy for both boys and girls to find the person they wish to spend life with based on their interests etc.  Though everyone has a different concept of their future wife and husband in mind, but the certain factors that a boy needs to look for when reviewing a girl proposal are as under:

Most of the men prefer to marry women based on their beauty, status in the society, caste, region etc, but according to Islam, a man should prefer a woman that is God fearing to help him form a close bond with his religion. This knowledge is apparent from several hadiths of our beloved prophet S.A.W. All the other factors such as monetary status, caste and region come afterwards. In addition, if a man already likes a woman in his family or his surroundings, he can also talk to her parents for marriage, as it is permissible in Islam to marry according to one’s choice.

Most of the times, the conventional ways of matching making can miss out on these factors. However with matrimonial sites, users have a complete freedom to list all the important factors they are seeking for in their partner to get the most relevant responses in order to tie the knot as quickly as possible!


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