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1 - Do I have to pay for this Matrimonial website?

This website is Aboslutely free for members in Pakistan. Currently only USA members have to pay.

2 - Is my information and pictures secure?

During sign up, you have the option to hide your pictures. Once you see some one is interested in your profile, you can then review and open the image access specifically for this memeber.

3 - I am looking to marry a Pakistani girl, but I don't find many profiles here?

Most of the people hesitate to post their daughter/sisters profile due to our conversation culture. This however does not reduce your chances of finding a suitable match. You may post your profile and you will find several bridal proposals contacting you soon!

4- How are featured profiles selected?

The featured profiles are at discretion of admin of this website. To be eligible for Featured profile, you must have your own picture posted and have full description of yourself and desired life partner.

5- How can I disable/enable my profile?

You can Disable you profile after Logging in with your account details. Then select the option "Disable My Profile". This will disable your profile. If your profile is already disabled, you can enable it back using the same method explained above. Please remember that your email or name may sometimes keep appearing in Google after you disable. Google indexes pages of website after a few days. So please be patient after disabling your profile.

6- Fraud or Scam Profiles

If you find any profile to be fraud or scam, please go to its page and click on "Report This Profile Fake" It appears below the user picture. If the profile is found to be actually fake or scam, we will disable it within next 24 Hrs.

7- Why my profile was is not Activated after 48 Hrs

If 48 hours have passed, and you don't see your profile to be active. There could be one of the following reasons:

- You were behind a proxy. Many people in Pakistan use proxy for browsing. When this happens, their IP address shows to be out of Pakistan while they are within Pakistan. Unfortunately for security reason and to maintain our records we can't activate any such profile with ambiguous IP.


- You use a general picture like of a Flower, some celebrity, wedding ring etc. 


- Someone had previously used your cell number to abused our service. Unfortunately we can't activate an account using a number that was previously abused. 

Please know that we warn about all above limitations before you sign up. If you think your profile does not fall under any of the above criteria, please Contact Us and we will look in to it.

8 - Why we don't let you change Profile Picture and some other Profile Details like Gender?

We completely understand your requirements to change your profile picture and details etc. However we have a very strict system to review every profile before we activate. So a scammer will actually try to dodge our system by initially showing authentic information to get approved and later on change it to something else. It is hard for us to keep track of everything. So you must be careful while signing up. Since this is a a free website, we can't afford to personally support and assist every profile.

9- I have disabled my profile by it still appears in Search Engine.

Once you Disable your Profile on our Matrimonial Website at It can take few days to go off the Search Engine. Please understand that Search Engines like Google etc are not instant. They delist your profile page on next visit when they don't see your information no our website. 

10- Why Can't You Delete Your Profile.

Your profile can't be permanently deleted due to security record keeping. If you have disabled your profile, it will not appear in search and after its gone from Google Index in few days, generally no one will know you ever signed up on this website.