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About Muslim Family Marriages in Pakistan:

A Muslim Wedding in Pakistan is a bond that is created between a man and a woman in the presence of the guardians, law abiders and relatives who act as witnesses. At this time a particular amount of money known as Haq Mehar, is decided by the two parties which are to be paid by the groom to the bride at the time of marriage.

Tradition/Customs adopted in usual weddings of Pakistan.

Wedding ceremony in Pakistan is usually based on 3/4 days events.


The rituals of a Muslim Wedding start with the 'Mangni' in which rings are exchanged.

Maayun: Day 1

Maayun is the very first ceremony of Pakistani Wedding after the engagement. From this day on Bride is proscribed from groom's eyes till the day of marriage.

Mehndi / Rasme Hinna/ Henna: Day 2

Mehndi is usually celebrated the night before main wedding. Mehendi (hina) designs are used to decorate the hands of the bride. The ceremony is performed usually with songs by the female friends and members of the family along with dances and dholkee (drum beating). Bride is usually dressed in yellow and green color. Usually Mehndi is celebrated separately on different venues by Bride and Groom families, however currently in most of the Urban areas of Pakistan, now Mehndi is celebrated together. In some cases the venue decided is the same but seating arrangement for Bride and Groom's family is separated. In some cases, males and females are seated separately irrespective of family side. The groom's family delivers the wedding dress along with sweets to the bride's family, and then her family takes the groom's wedding attire to his family. This event is quite colorful and full of traditional events. Depending on family, this event could last more than one day.

Baraat/ Rukhsati / Departure Day : Day 3

This is the actual wedding day. Groom's friends and family all together come to the bride's house or decided venue. Nikah is then performed by Imam/nikkah khawan / Muslim priest in the presence of the guests. After the Nikah is signed and dua/prayer is said, the bride and groom are declared to be a husband and wife. Dinner is served by bride's family.The bride's gown is very elaborate, as are her veil and jewelry. Some interesting rasam's are fulfilled before seeing off Bride. The departure of the bride with her husband is called Rukhsati. The Holy Quran is held over the new bride's head as she joins her husband's family.

Valima / Valeema Party: Day 4

On the fourth day, the couple hosts their first dinner as husband and wife. The groom's family invites all of the guests to their home for a feast. Valima is called the welcome party given from groom's side in order to welcome the bride to her new home.

Questions about wedding in Pakistan
What is Haq Maher / Haq Mehar / Haq Mahar?

The Meher, a particular amount of money that is to be given by the groom to the bride, is decided by the elders from both the sides.

What is dowry?

The family or sponsor of Bride pays a dower to the bride according to their capacity. Considered to be a major social evil in Pakistan by educated and respectable families. Among the many things that need to be revamped in the mainstream Pakistani society dowry would probably be one of the major ones.