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Female Rishta Proposal for sunni in Chicago

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girl rishta marriage chicago sunni

About Me

I'm easy going on the outside but underneath beats the heart of a raging type A personality that speaks Of Love,care and understanding. Most people say they've never met anyone like me because I am down to Earth and honest. I'm intelligent, though that doesn't mean I always do intelligent things.. I have a good sense of humor, you have to when you are from a religious and moral valued family like mine.. Actually, I'm warm heated and sensitive, and I care a lot about other people. In a relationship I am faithful, more so than the ones I have been faithful to. If I love you, I love only you and desire no one else. Some people don't seem to understand that concept. Honesty and open communication are highly important in any kind of relationship.

Basic Info
  • Name :
    Aaminah Ahmed
  • Gender :
  • Marital Status:
    Never Married
  • Age:
    39 Years
  • Height:
    5 feet & 0 inches
  • Physique:
  • Complexion:
    Very fair
  • Religion:
    Muslim (Sunni)
  • Caste:
  • Mother tongue:
  • City:
  • Country:
    United States
  • Other nationality:
    US Citizen
  • Profession:
    Private Firm
  • Life Style Standard:
    Very Modern
  • Job/Rank/position:
    i am working ask nurse
  • Education:
    Masters In Medical
Looking for
  • Age :
    20 - 28
  • Marital Status :
    Never Married
  • Height:
    4 feet 11 inch
  • City:
    No Preference
  • Life Standard:
    Very Modern
  • Education:
    No Preference
  • Profession:
    No Preference
  • Native Preference:
  • Other requirements:
  • i am from a heart loving family.. we consist my dad,my mom and me.. we are a very interesting family with much values and as well very love and fun to be with....My father originated from India and my mom is of mixed race from India .. My father was a business man and was well to do before he passed away and my mom takes care of the house.My family is very dedicated and keen to their religion and we follow the traditional way of life.we are well respected in my community and we have been of great help to my community.