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About Me

Salam. I am Muhammad talha. I am working and pursuing my studies in computer science. We are Ahle Hadees. We try to follow Islam as much as we can. I expect a wife with atleast a will to follow our Deen. She should not be too modern. I am sure we can make a good pair if we understand each other.. feel free to contact me at

Basic Info
  • Name :
    Muhammad Talha
  • Gender :
  • Marital Status:
    Never Married
  • Age:
    28 Years
  • Height:
    5 feet & 11 inches
  • Physique:
  • Complexion:
  • Religion:
    Muslim (Sunni)
  • Caste:
  • Mother tongue:
  • City:
  • Country:
    United States
  • Other nationality:
  • Profession:
  • Life Style Standard:
    Mid Level
  • Job/Rank/position:
    I work as a U.S stock market analyst and trader.
  • Education:
    Intermediates In Computer & Information Technology
Looking for
  • Age :
    18 - 22
  • Marital Status :
    Never Married
  • Height:
    5 feet 0 inch
  • City:
    No Preference
  • Life Standard:
    Mid Level
  • Education:
    No Preference
  • Profession:
    No Preference
  • Native Preference:
    No Preference
  • Other requirements:
  • Just a good looking not too modern girl, who follows and loves our prophet SAW. Or atleast willing to follow right path.