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Female Rishta Proposal for Syed Hassani in Rawalpindi

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Girl Rishta Marriage Rawalpindi Syed Hassani proposal

About Me

This is Farhan Khan and i posted this profile for my niece,She is a devoted muslima Alhamdulillah, She is a student of an Aalima pragramme affiliated by (Wafaaq ul madaris)currently she is studying in 3rd year of 6 years Aalima programme, She does sharaai parda alhamdulillah (she does not come infront of any na mahram) she is 15 years old only, She is very understanding, caring by nature, honest and off course she is innocent and pretty as well. Her father was died 2 years ago, they are two sisters and one brother, She is elder in all of them, her mother and the children live with us as a joint family. Before this Aalima programme she has been living with us in UAE and because of bad schooling system we didn't send her to school and provide her schooling education in as home schooling so mashaAllah she is very good in both of her studies. We migrated to pakistan about 2 and a half years ago and here she got an admission in Aalima programme alhamdulillah. I am here searching for my niece better half inshaAllah with the guidence of Allah swt. A peraon i am searching for has to be a good human being, practicing muslim, religious minded, who offers five times salah (prayer) who has beard on his face(beared according to sunnah) or willing to keep or have an intention to keep beared ,who would love to have an islamic enviroment and family in the future, who try to follow what Allah swt and our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad sallal lahu taalaa allaihi wassalam said, He has to be honest in his actions and words, hard working,loving and caring, soft hearted, down to earth, who respect his own words and others the same, who is settled in his life and can take responsibility in good manners of his family by all means inshaAllah.

Basic Info
  • Name :
  • Gender :
  • Marital Status:
    Never Married
  • Age:
    18 Years
  • Height:
    5 feet & 6 inches
  • Physique:
  • Complexion:
  • Religion:
    Muslim (Deobandi)
  • Caste:
    Syed Hassani
  • Mother tongue:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Other nationality:
  • Profession:
    Not working
  • Life Style Standard:
    Mid Level
  • Job/Rank/position:
  • Education:
    Bachelors In Others
Looking for
  • Age :
    20 - 28
  • Marital Status :
    Never Married
  • Height:
    5 feet 7 inch
  • City:
    No Preference
  • Life Standard:
    No Preference
  • Education:
    No Preference
  • Profession:
    No Preference
  • Native Preference:
    No Preference
  • Other requirements: