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Female Rishta Proposal for in Peshawar

Basic Info
  • Name :
  • Gender :
  • Marital Status:
    Never Married
  • Age:
    24 Years
  • Height:
    5 feet & 0 inches
  • Physique:
  • Complexion:
  • Religion:
    Muslim (Shia)
  • Caste:
  • Mother tongue:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Other nationality:
  • Profession:
    Not working
  • Life Style Standard:
  • Job/Rank/position:
    no job
  • Education:
    Masters In Business
Looking for
  • Age :
    22 - 42
  • Marital Status :
    Never Married
  • Height:
    5 feet 5 inch
  • City:
    No Preference
  • Life Standard:
  • Education:
  • Profession:
    No Preference
  • Native Preference:
    Khyber pakhtunkhwa,
  • Other requirements:
  • I want very very white skin,colorful eyed shia engineer guy/computer programmer guy /businessman who has no sister and has job and jolly ,who can give his property on my name as social security. he must be extreme shia muslim because I want a shia who loves Mola Ali alahaysalam and Imam Hussain alahaysalam in the way he turns me into extreme practicing shia muslim and I want a shia who can take me to ziarats and who is raised by a shia mother. please I request from my heart that please no sunni contact me regarding marriage and I am sorry for it because I want only a shia guy only .all sunni who want to marry me so its my request to them that please find anybody else and I pray that all sunni men get beautiful wives but never me. because I want a shia guy raised by shia parents and family .thankyou. it will be my luck to find a shia white skin guy,colorful eyed, rich and loving with life path number 1.