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Female Rishta Proposal for Mughal in Karachi

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I have created this profile for my sister.we are living in Karachi. my sister is simple,loyal,hard worker,house maker,sincere,moderate religious,belonging to upper middle class, noble family,caring. divorced having no children. Two months ago she has been divorced because her husband was in affair with a married girl and perhaps do marriage with my sister due to their parents or perhaps for financial support. But according to our knowledge he was not insisted by parents and did not show his lack of interest to us. so he kept no relation with my sister and divorced after two months. Assurity that divorce was not due to any lack or due to my sister can be provided by his divorced husband neighbors or even by the parents of her divorced husband. We are looking for any Muslim Pakistani permanent resident of Karachi , belonging to noble family having age 28 to 38 ,having height 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet, having no greed of financial or any type of support, having his own house , having established good job or own business. Any unmarried, divorced without children,divorced with children,widower could contact. our location is Karachi and are searching match from Karachi but due to some system error or sign up input error profile is showing location automatically as Islamabad.

Basic Info
  • Name :
  • Gender :
  • Marital Status:
  • Age:
    35 Years
  • Height:
    5 feet & 1 inches
  • Physique:
  • Complexion:
  • Religion:
    Muslim (Sunni)
  • Caste:
  • Mother tongue:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Other nationality:
  • Profession:
    Not working
  • Life Style Standard:
    Mid Level
  • Job/Rank/position:
    doing only house work
  • Education:
    Intermediates In Arts
Looking for
  • Age :
    27 - 40
  • Marital Status :
  • Height:
    4 feet 8 inch
  • City:
  • Life Standard:
    No Preference
  • Education:
    No Preference
  • Profession:
    No Preference
  • Native Preference:
    Urdu Speaking,
  • Other requirements:
  • any sincere,honest,loyal,which could balance between relations and care them,from noble family,unmarried,divorced,widower having age 28-40,having a good stable job or business,having own house,relating from middle or upper middle class could contact.