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Get Rishta is an effort by MediaLinkers Pvt Ltd. A renowned web design and hosting service based in Islamabad- Pakistan.

Being tired of expensive, low-quality service providers who finished jobs off budget providing unimaginative design decisions Web Technologies expert M. Sajjad, came up with a service where prime objectives was to use the Man power ofIslamabad office to provide highest level of quality web design service to USA. An environment and type of office where only professionals could survive. The response was overshelming and the demand through word of mouth increased every year and by the end of year 2006 while MediaLinkers was being counted among the top web design companies of Pakistan. It was time to introduce our services and quality to Pakistani market. The banners, baloons, spams and every thing that you generally find on most of Pakistani websites helped us in knowing that people must be looking out there for a clean and professional websites in Pakistan. Get Rishta is result of same effort.

We have built a strong reputation as a Pakistani website design company by consistently building web pages and producing sites that are good looking, working and affordable for small businesses and corporations across Pakistan.

MediaLinkers web design service is based on talented web professionals who are absolutely at the top of the web site building profession, provides effective, stylish and affordable website design and development.

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